01. We need a more clear [framework] for the project before we can determine if it is truly feasible.
02. Policy decisions will provide a [framework] for the board to review projects.
03. A constitution provides the essential [framework] for orderly government, and for relations between people and their government.
04. The curriculum guide provides a [framework] for new teachers to refer to when making lesson plans.
05. Now that the [framework] for the building is up, the carpenters can begin putting up the walls.
06. The [framework] for the house had just been completed when a fire destroyed the building.
07. The committee met today to discuss the [framework] for the city's bid for the 2040 Olympics.
08. The policy [framework] will provide guidance on when and where bike lanes will be installed.
09. We need to draw up a [framework] for payment of our debts before they become too big.
10. My father built a nice [framework] in the garden for the rose plant to grow up.
11. In the first meeting, the President met with the rebel leader to discuss a [framework] for negotiations towards ending the conflict.
12. The United Nations is attempting to establish a [framework] for settling international disputes.
13. Ron Taffel has stated that the research on gender and morality shows that women and men look at the world through very different moral [frameworks].
14. Benjamin Whorf once suggested that language is not simply a reporting device for experience, but a defining [framework] for it.
15. Ruth Hubbard once claimed that every theory is a self-fulfilling prophecy that orders experience into the [framework] it provides.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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